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Book Release: “Toponas Cabin Journals”

George and Ruth Krauss have made a lot of memories at their 156-acre property in an untamed stretch of Routt County just east of Toponas.

They bought the land from a rancher in 1977 and built a cabin on it in the early 1980s.  Ever since, it has served as the Krauss family’s high-country retreat: a place to immerse themselves in nature, recharge the batteries and appreciate the simple things in life.  They completed an easement with YVLT in the year 2000, ensuring that the property’s striking open scenery and important wildlife habitat on the edge of the Routt National Forest would be protected in perpetuity.

Hot off the printing press,  George and Ruth just released a book titled “Toponas Cabin Journals” documenting their family’s experiences at the conserved property.  The book was compiled from 12 volumes of hand-written journal entries covering a period of over 30 years, providing a deeply personal and heartfelt look into their daily lives.  It also includes a special section featuring the family’s favorite recipes for cabin meals.

To commemorate YVLT’s deep ties to the property, George and Ruth honored YVLT with a copy of Toponas Cabin Journals at the book launch party. 

To purchase a copy of your own, contact (303) 674-0670 or P.O. Box 244, Toponas, CO 80479.